Projects unrelated to research

I enjoy coding for fun too - when I have the time. Listed below are the projects that have made it through development to some semblance of "completeness." You can check out some of my works-in-progress on Github.

This website

Minesweeper remade in Microsoft Excel (.xlsm)

PWidget - a bare-bones, lightweight Python GUI builder for Pygame (.py)


As with any software, I cannot guarantee anything here will work as intended, or even work at all. I'm an HRM/OB researcher first and a programmer second; I usually don't create anything with the intention of having it work across all platforms or hardware. Everything here works on my modern Microsoft Windows operating systems (with the appropriate libraries installed).

Be sure to exercise appropriate caution when downloading files from the Internet. While nothing I have created has been designed to cause harm to your system, by downloading anything I have listed here you agree that I will not be held responsible for any damage they might cause to your system, directly or indirectly. Hopefully by publicly associating my name with the files I have listed here you can trust them to (at least attempt to) do what they're supposed to and nothing more. Do not download software from sources you don't explicitly trust!