Research tools

Through my time as an undergraduate research assistant and during my graduate studies, I have had the opportunity to automate and/or facilitate a number of monotonous tasks associated with my research. Listed here are a few of the tools that I believe could be useful to other researchers and research assistants. Many of these are a little rough around the edges (I'm a proponent of function over form, though I provide instructions/information wherever possible), and some may simply not apply to everyone (it depends on what software you are using). I probably won't revolutionize the way research is done, but hopefully one of these tools could save you an hour or two of boredom.

As I build and clean up tools (to a point where I'm not embarrassed by the state of them) I will list them here.

If one of the tools I post here seems like it could be useful in your research, but doesn't work for one reason or another, let me know. I can try to modify it to work for you. Again, I can't guarantee I'll be able to fulfill every request, but the purpose of this page is to facilitate research, so I will always do my best provided I have the time.

Feel free to download, use or change anything I list here as you see fit for your own research.

Sona-Qualtrics cross-reference (.xlsm)

Statistics Helper (.xlsx)


As with any software, I cannot guarantee anything here will work as intended, or even work at all. I'm an HRM/OB researcher first and a programmer second; I don't write programs or macros with the intention of having them work across all platforms or hardware. Everything here works on my modern Microsoft Windows operating systems and lab computers (with the appropriate libraries installed).

Finally, be sure to exercise appropriate caution when downloading software or macros from the Internet. While none of these tools have been designed to cause harm to your system, by downloading any tool I have listed here, you agree that I will not be held responsible for any damage they might cause to your system, directly or indirectly. Hopefully by publicly associating my name with the tools I have listed here you can trust them to (at least attempt to) do what they're supposed to and nothing more. Do not download software from sources you don't explicitly trust!